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Jeffrey Marks - Fiction

Jeffrey Marks began his fiction career writing short stories. He had been introduced to mysteries by the short works of Agatha Christie, and he wrote a number of short works of his own. He was buoyed by local awards, and he became the editor of two mystery short story collection from Penguin Random House, and another from Silver Dagger Mysteries.

The collection from Silver Dagger included a story by Marks, featuring General US Grant, and they asked about any full-length works featuring Grant as a detective. Marks wrote two novels for the press before their mystery line was cut. He independently published a third completed book.

He also wrote a novel featuring cosmetics department head Marissa Scott. That novel won the very first Malice Domestic Grant and later a contract for publication. Marks wrote two more books about the character and most recently has published a short story with Marissa Scott for Happy Homicides 3..

Marks is currently working on a series of semi-autobiographical short stories, set in the late 1970s and early 1980s, dealing with crimes and the closet.

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