Awards and Nominations

    Jeffrey Marks has met with critical acclaim for his works. Some of the awards and nominations are listed here.

    • Maxwell Award nomination(DWAA) "Long Arm of the Paw"
    • Malice Domestic Grant (Malice Domestic) The Scent of Murder
    • Edgar Award nomination (MWA) Who Was That Lady?
    • Agatha Award nomination (Malice Domestic) Who Was That Lady?
    • Anthony Award nomination (Bouchercon) Who Was That Lady?
    • Macavity Award nomination (MRJ) Who Was That Lady?
    • Agatha Award nomination (Malice Domestic) Atomic Renaissance
    • Anthony Award nomination (Bouchercon) Intent to Sell
    • Macavity Award nomination (MRJ) Intent to Sell
    • Agatha Award nomination (Malice Domestic) Anthony Boucher
    • Anthony Award award (Bouchercon) Anthony Boucher
    • Ohioana Library Award 2003

Biography of Jeffrey Marks

Jeffrey Marks is a long-time mystery fan and freelancer. After numerous mystery author profiles, he chose to chronicle the short but full life of mystery writer Craig Rice.

That biography (Who Was That Lady?) encouraged him to write mystery fiction. He began a series of novels set after the Civil War in the area where he grew up. He also began a contemporary mystery series. The first novel in that series won The Malice Domestic Grant.

He has continued to write about the authors he read while growing up. His works include Atomic Renaissance: Women Mystery Writers of the 1940s/1950s, and a biography of mystery author and critic Anthony Boucher entitled Anthony Boucher. It was nominated for an Agatha and fittingly, won an Anthony.

Today, he writes from his home in Cincinnati, which he shares with his spouse and three dogs.

Jeffrey with his two dogs, Scooter and Penny, taken by his spouse.

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